Yes to the Shepherd

My friend Joann Blanch said yes to the invitations in Psalm 23. It shaped who she was, defined the qualities she lived by, and resulted in blessing everyone she knew!

Bringing Truth to Today’s Lost

Our tried-and-true evangelism tools are losing effectiveness as our culture's worldview shifts. How can we share the gospel effectively today?

What’s on Your T-shirt?

As I left the library, a man I had never met stopped me to offer several thoughts about Michigan State University. What a strange conversation! I thought to myself. Why was he talking to me about that stuff?

Come and Worship

I’ve been pondering worship for a long time—for years. Is it merely a synonym for what I do on Sunday morning? No, worship is much more!

A Fruitful Life

"God, can I claim this truth? That no matter what my circumstances, I will experience fruitfulness?"