Our Hope, Our Joy

Do you have children, grandchildren, or just know a child? Read about how one woman's encouragement turned a small boy's life around.

Walk Slowly

John Maxwell felt unusually stretched as he went about his duties. There was much more to do than the time he had available. He felt overwhelmed and extended by the demands placed on him. Don’t we all feel this way at times!

Flourishing at Any Age

Jean Fleming has discovered that the keys to fruitful living don't change with the number of our birthdays. We can enter each new stage of life with eager expectation and hope!

How to Avoid the Age Cage

Scripture gives us reasons to rejoice about advancing age! But our later years also carry new temptations. Here are two to watch out for.

Adventure on the Amazon

Most of the team members on her missions trip were decades younger. Would she be able to keep up? You bet!