Are God’s promises unconditional? Why do we sometimes have to do something to “collect” on His promises? In my experience, the first cousin to the tension between grace and effort is the tension between grace and conditions.

Reducing Tension in Discipleship

“Are you going to live by grace or effort?” Truth is, both are biblical and essential to our journey of discipleship.

A Cactus Helped Me Find My Way

I am able to say that God is still in control of this one excruciating thorn in the flesh, and that is enough for now.

Five Lessons the Pediatric-ICU Taught Me

As I look back at those long 12 PICU weeks, I hear God’s loving whispers. Five lessons surfaced, offering perspective and comfort.

Right Where You Are

As Christians, are we helping people see and experience the goodness and love of God? Are we truly salt and light to those around us?