Transfer Process into Encore Mission

Step 1

  • Visit the website to read the FAQs About Joining Navigators Encore and other information about the Encore Mission.
  • Initiate this possible transfer by talking with your current Mission supervisor and the Encore director. This conversation should lead to a thorough and clear understanding of what your role would be in the Encore Mission.

Step 2 

  • When your current Mission director and the Encore director officially give their written approval (usually by email), the transfer process will begin.
  • Administrative note: Mission transfers can move forward only if your ministry account is in a reserve.

Step 3 

Once written approval is received, the Encore director will forward the following forms to be completed and returned by email:
  • The Navigator Staff Information Form
  • Review the Shepherd/Supervisor relationship Document and provide possible Shepherds/Supervisors
  • An Annual Plan document that you will complete each year
  • An Encore Staff Job Description that you will affirm annually

Step 4 

  • Encore will work with your preferences to assign you a Shepherd/Supervisor.

Step 5 

  • The Encore director will start the transfer process with the Field Support Center (FSC) Personnel Team and copy your current Mission Administrator.
  • The FSC Personnel Team Member will make the systems transfers and any needed hours or budget changes. He or she will notify you by email when these are completed.

Step 6 
  • When all of these steps have been completed, the transfer will be finalized! 
Welcome to Encore!