FAQs About Joining Navigators Encore

We are often asked about how individuals become part of our Encore team. In particular, we are asked why men and women who presently serve in other areas of Navigator ministry would consider making the move to this Mission, and as the Lord leads, how they might take their first steps. Thus, we've created the following list of Frequently Asked Questions:  
Q: Why move to Encore?
A: We may be right for you if God is leading you to cut back your salaried hours, give focused attention to your ministry contribution, or broaden your ministry influence.
Q: How is it different?
A: Our staff have built relationships (or ministries) through the years that are often broader than one Mission. You’ll continue to build where God has laid a foundation.
Q: Who’s in Encore?
A: We’re a team of primarily veteran staff usually in our 60s and older who pursue the Nav Vision and Calling, simply with fewer hours.
Q: What salary adjustments would I make?
A: Of course, salary depends on the number of hours you would like to work. Some even prefer to be volunteers, often using ministry reimbursement funds.
Q: What about my current Mission or NavCity?
A: If leadership wants you to serve there, we’re in favor of it! For example, you may continue shepherding relationships with staff in your current Mission, if you wish.
Q: What freedoms would I enjoy?
A: You’ll use your primary gifts, talents, and abilities to minister where and how God leads. We agree on two annual goals—one in ministry, one in personal development.
Q: Who would shepherd/supervise me?
A: These roles are based more on relationships than geography. Staff often request whom they want as their shepherd/supervisor.
Q: Finally, what about my donors?
A: Most donors get it! They’re excited to continue to provide financial and prayer support as they see you’re still all about advancing the Gospel (Matthew 24:14)!  
For more information, talk with your Mission Director or contact Encore Director Bob Reusser here, or you may call him at (517) 410-1334.