FAQs About Joining Navigators Encore

We are often asked about how individuals become part of Navigators Encore. In particular, we are asked why men and women who presently serve in other areas of Navigator ministry would consider making the move to this Mission, and as the Lord leads, how they might take their first steps. Thus, we've created the following list of Frequently Asked Questions: 
Why might I consider transitioning from my present Mission to Encore?

Reasons may include the following: God leading you to cut back your salaried hours; to give more focus to your ministry contribution; or your spheres of ministry influence are broader than your current Mission strategy.
Is Encore just for retired Navigators?

No. In fact, most Encore staff are NOT retired but are still actively pursuing the Navigators’ Vision and Calling, only with fewer hours or as volunteers with a reimbursement-only account. 
Is there a minimum age for joining Encore?

There is no minimum age, but Encore is designed for veteran staff, usually in their mid-60s and older, who are not ready to retire but feel the need to cut back their hours.
Do I have to lower my salary?

Not necessarily. You must reduce your salaried hours to below 40 per week, which may or may not allow you to continue to receive the same salary.
Can I continue to minister alongside my current Mission, City, or Network?

Yes! In fact, you will be encouraged to continue to connect with your current Mission, City, or Network, if it is agreeable to that leadership, usually in a less demanding role.
What freedoms will I enjoy in Encore?

We are free to celebrate and use our primary strengths, gifts, and passions to minister where and how God leads. We are free to minister within the parameters of the Encore sandbox illustration.
How are annual goals handled?

Encore staff are not required to do the PPR’s on Workday. However we do submit annual goals—at least one personal development goal and at least one ministry goal, along with a goal to keep fully funded, if needed. These goals are submitted to your Encore shepherd/supervisor and Encore leadership, who will encourage you along the way.
How are Encore Shepherd/Supervisors assigned?

Shepherd/supervisors in Encore are based more on relationships than geography. Encore leadership will work with you to assign a shepherd/supervisor whom you are comfortable with.
Will I receive help on questions related to retirement issues?

Yes. We won’t have all the answers, but Encore staff will be able to connect you with the right people to get your questions answered.
Can I still be in Encore if I stop my salary and just use ministry reimbursement?

Yes. A number of Encore staff members serve as associate or volunteer staff. They may still have a Navigator account and often use ministry reimbursement funds.
How does Encore differ from other Missions?

The other Navigators Missions each have a specific ministry target or area of emphasis. Since Encore staff are veterans of many Missions, they are encouraged to continue to build wherever God has already laid a foundation.
What will serving with Encore look like to my donors?    

Most donors are eager to continue to provide prayer and financial support, as they realize staff are still helping to fulfill the Great Commission.
How has being in Encore affected donor support?

For the most part, donors are staying with Encore staff usually because of the close relationships that have been built over time and continuing communication.
Will I be able to continue shepherding relationships with people in the Mission I am leaving?

Yes. If your current Mission leadership would like you to continue in this role, you will be free to continue to do this.   
For further information, talk with your present Mission Director or contact Joe Bernardy (Navigators Encore Mission Director) at joe.bernardy@navigators.org.